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Web Based Email Service

Web based email service or webmail for short, is a type of email service that depends upon an Internet browser-as opposed to other types of email services, which depend on software email clients downloaded to the computer. Web email services can be accessed from any Internet connected computer, instead of being tied to one specific computer system.

The one downside to webmail services is that even old messages are only accessible from computers connected to the Internet. While other types of email services download old messages to the computer, web based email is only accessible through an Internet connection. The tradeoff; however, is that users can check their email from anywhere, even in other countries.

There are many popular brands of webmail services, and the competition has grown in recent years. Now, webmail service has outgrown any of the other types of email services. Examples of popular web email services include: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and MSN Live Hotmail.

Some of the features that a web based email service can provide include: integration with online chat and messenger clients, integration with online calendars, enhanced spam filters, and large storage capacities.

While other email services will make use of the storage on your computer, web based email will store the messages on a separate server; meaning you do not have to use your own computer?s hard drive. Additionally, web based email services are not as easy to find with email tracers. While other email services will allow an email tracer to pinpoint the IP address of your computer, webmail service will be harder to find.

Choosing and Using Your Web Based Email

Many people make the decision to open more than one web based email service, in order to be able to sort different email types. Additionally, people choose the webmail services, in order to avoid the potentially dangerous ability to apply an email tracer.
When choosing the correct webmail service, you will want to consider the options available with each. For example, storage capacities will vary. If you intend to send and receive a number of large emails or emails with large attachments; you will want to look at the storage capacity of the email service, as well as the email size limit on the account.
Webmail services are generally free, but if you choose upgrades like expanded storage; then you may have to pay a small amount for the upgrades and options. For most people, the free version offers plenty of space and options.
Additionally, when choosing the service, make sure you look for the service with the best spam and virus filters. You may also want to look at options and integrations. If you use instant messenger programs, you may want to pick the email service, which will allow you to integrate your chat and your email.
If you need an email service that will allow access from any Internet connected computer, and you need a free option; then webmail can be an excellent choice.

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