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Web Based Email Hosting Services

Many business owners need to choose an email hosting service, in order to provide their employees with quality email options. There are more than one of the types of email services, but one popular type is web based email.
Web based, or webmail services, are a type of email that is accessible from a computer?s Internet browser. It is not made to require an email software client on the computer. Additionally, the webmail is only accessible on the Internet, and all saved emails are on a remote server powered by the web email hosting service.
There are many options for web based email hosting services, some of which are free. Others charge a certain fee, based on the number of email accounts needed.

The Pros and the Cons

There are pros and cons to email web hosting you will have to consider, in deciding if webmail services can offer the right choice for you and your company. Consider each of the types of the email hosting service, before choosing the one for your company email.
The positives of the web based email include upgraded storage capacities. In other types of services, all emails will be stored on the host computer, meaning memory will be taken away from the user?s computer. With web based services, the email is stored elsewhere, freeing up computer memory. Web email hosting means that the user can access their email from any Internet computer. They will not be limited to accessing their email on one computer.
Additionally, web email cannot be found as easily using email tracers. An email tracer can be used by hackers or predators to pinpoint the location of an email account. This could be potentially dangerous.
The negatives of the webmail options, include the fact that it can only be accessed with Internet access. Since the old emails are saved elsewhere, a user cannot even access their saved emails, if the Internet is not available. This could be a hassle in certain situations. Additionally, webmail may not provide quite as strong of virus protection; but email hosting can be found that does include upgraded virus options.
Webmail can also be strongly affected by the host. If the host is unreliable, your employees may have trouble accessing their email. This could pose a problem, especially if the service is highly unreliable. Generally, you can find information on the web based host?s downtime with just a little online research. This can be very important for a business, since employees will need to be able to access their email.
Web based email hosts do offer quite a few positives; however, it is important to consider the negatives before deciding if the option is right for you and your company. In addition to thinking about the pros and the cons, you will need to find the most reliable service; which offers the right combination of options for your business needs. Not all webmail hosts are the same, so you will need to carefully review the details before deciding on one.

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