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Web Based Email Accounts

As the most popular type of email option, the web based email service provides users with free emailing capabilities, accessible from any Internet connected computer. These types of accounts are generally made to be user friendly, and relatively open to a number of options.

There are several types of email services. When you use your work email or an email address offered by your Internet service provider; you are using a different type of email account. These are usually paid for in some way and set up through an email program on your computer. Web based email accounts are through a fairly anonymous and free service-like Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail. There are many different web based email providers available to choose from-other than these, though.

The web based types are generally harder to find using email tracers. An email tracer has the ability to find the origination of an email account, but anonymous accounts are harder to find with the email tracers.

Many people like these types of email services, because they are fairly anonymous and easy to use. They are also usually free. This makes it easy for people to set up and use multiple accounts for various reasons. Some people choose to set up accounts to send and receive personal emails, and then other accounts to receive newsletters and company mailings; so that they won?t receive spam at their personal account. Others, simply use them because they do not like the idea of people using an email tracer to find them.

How to Set Up Web Based Email

How do you set up web based email accounts? This is actually a relatively simple process, and you will just need to go through a few steps. First, you will have to decide which web based email account you wish to use.
Since there are so many service providers available, you will have plenty of options. Some things that you may want to base your decision on, include the storage available. Some providers limit how much storage you have, while others are relatively endless in storage capability. You may also want to look at the types of spam filtering and virus monitoring the email provider offers, since this could be invaluable.
Once you have decided which web based email account provider you would like to use, you can set up your account. You will have to fill out a short form, in which you will need to provide such information, as your name and your zip code. Next, you will have to choose your email account name. Remember to make your name something that makes sense, since this will be your email address. You may find that the email name you wanted has already been used, and you may need to consider adding letters or numbers to the address in order to find a unique choice.
After you have filled out the form, chosen your email address, and then read the privacy policy; your email account will be set up. You can then, start handing out your address and sending emails.

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