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Yahoo Email Account

There are many different types of web based email that allows a person to enjoy their account-no matter what computer they are on. Web based means the email account system is a type of email that utilizes an Internet website to provide email access. While ISP, or Internet service provider, email accounts make use of a computer email program; these types do not require that software be installed on a computer.

A Yahoo email account is one such type of email system. This type of account is normally referred to as Yahoo Mail; and it provides users with access to the Yahoo Company?s email options. When users sign up for Yahoo accounts, Yahoo, necessarily becomes a part of their email address. An example email account would be something like

One of the signature characteristics of Yahoo accounts, include an integration with the Yahoo Messenger chat service; so that users can enjoy chatting with their friends, directly from their email home page. Additionally, the accounts allow for use of the calendar features, the search features, and even the combination of other messenger services with the email. Moreover, Yahoo offers storage capabilities that are unlimited. Additionally, the email account allows for attachments up to twenty five megabytes in size-which is much larger than standard ISP email accounts-as well as spam and virus protection.

Setting Up Your Email

If you have decided that you would like to set up your own Yahoo email account, you will need to follow a few directions. Setting up email through the company is quite simple.
You will need to browse to, and choose "sign up.? At this point, you will be taken to a simple form that will only require a small amount of personal information. You will need to provide your name, your birth date, your country of residence, and your zip code.
Next, you will need to choose your user ID, which will be your specific part of your email address. Since your ID has to be different from any other account with Yahoo; you may have to try a few options, before you find the right one. You will also have to create a few privacy details, including your password and security questions. It is important to remember what you set up or you will not be able to access your account.
Finally, you will have to read the terms and conditions, and agree to them. You will have to type a code, and you may be wondering what this code is. This is a security method that keeps computer generated programs from randomly creating spam emails. Once you click "Create my account,? you will be ready to start sending and receiving emails.
Just as many web based type email services, Yahoo provides users with a number of options and functions to provide safe and convenient email experiences. These accounts are free, and they can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

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