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MSN Email Account

MSN stands for Microsoft Network; and is known to provide a number of computer operating systems, software options, and web mail. The Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest names in the world of technology. As the creator of the Windows line of operating systems, the company has definitely made a footprint in the computer world.

Going along with the number of technology and computer related items, the company has created web based email options. What many people do not know is that when they create an MSN email account, they can use their ID to access many of the different Microsoft functions.

Now referred to as Windows Live, the MSN accounts are available with two different domain name options. Users can choose between and The choice of domain name does not affect the email functionality, but a user will have to remember which they chose.

Once an ID is created, the user will be able to access their email from any Internet connected computer. They will also be able to use their ID to access MSN?s gaming site, the enhanced home pages, and more. The ID can even be used in conjunction with Microsoft?s Xbox gaming system.

While this email system does not include unlimited storage capabilities, it does offer five gigabytes, and the storage number is set to grow. Additionally, the web email is integrated with Windows Live Messenger, so that email users can also use chat functionality. Other services of the email account includes an integration with MSN calendars, the ability to keep more than one email account on the same login, and up to date spam filtering programs.

Tips on Creating Your Account

When you decide that you want to create your own email account-if you choose MSN- you will have to decide whether you want your email domain to be Live or Hotmail. The choice is yours, but you can access either one from the home page. You can also reach them by typing in
When you create your ID, you will have to choose something that has not being used by someone else. Since there are millions of users, this could pose somewhat of a problem. You will be able to instantly determine if the ID you want is available, and then make changes to find one that you can use.
While you do not have to make your personal information public, you will have to provide a small amount of detail in order to create your account. You do not have to include an address or phone number. You will need to provide your zip code, you age, and your name.
Finally, it is important to read the terms and conditions before clicking accept. It may be easier to just skip over them, but there are important details about user privacy in the document. A quick read of the details will let you know what privacy rights you have with your new email account.

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