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Gmail Email Account

The name comes from the shortened version of Google Mail; Gmail was created in two thousand four by the Google Corporation, the same company that has provided Google search and Google Maps. A Gmail email account is a web based email service that began as invitation only. In two thousand seven, the email service was opened to anyone who wanted an account.

Since their beginnings, Gmail accounts were touted for providing almost unlimited storage. The accounts started out by providing one gigabyte in storage, which was roughly three to four times more than other web based email services could provide. That number has continued to rise since the email service?s inception.

Designed differently from other email services, Gmail provides users with "conversations,? meaning all of the emails that have gone back and forth from the sender on the same subject will be linked for easy reference. If you send out an email and then receive a response, the response will be attached to the original, and you will be able to update the conversation to send a reply.

In order to provide extreme amounts of customization to a Gmail email account Google created something called Google Labs. These are add-ons, which can be applied to an email account. These add-ons include color coded tags, specialty shortcuts, and enhanced search and filter features.

In order to keep up with modern technology, the company created Google mobile, which allows cellular phone users the ability to easily access their Gmail accounts. This service is free for anyone using an Internet capable cellular phone or smart phone.

How to Make the Most of Your Account

Many people are taken aback when they first open their Gmail email account. Since the way the account is set up is so different from other web based email accounts, many people may feel lost of confused by their Gmail homepage.
The best thing to remember about your new email account is that it is highly customizable. If you do not like the layout of your home page, then you can easily change it, even moving elements around on the screen until it looks the way you want. Nothing is set in stone with Gmail accounts.
If you are having trouble understanding what to do with emails you do not want anymore, you have two options. Archive will simply remove the email from your main inbox, but will keep it in an "all mail? folder in case you ever need to refer back to the email. Delete will remove the email to your trash can.
If you have a lot of archived emails and you are having trouble locating the one you need; then try using the search function, which appears above the inbox. This search will go through all of your mail. You can choose to search by a sender name, a topic, and even single words in the email. This can be a very useful tool.
Gmail accounts have been made to integrate with all other Google tools and options, making it easy to use the Google system on home computers or on cell phones.

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