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What is a Pop Email Account?

If you have a Gmail or Yahoo! mail address, then you also have a POP email account . A POP3 email service is the most popular approach to sending and receiving email; and makes it possible for people to access their accounts-from almost anywhere. If you look at the most popular email services, they tend to use this format for all sending and receiving functions. POP3 emails tend to provide clients with everything from online access from any computer, to spam and virus protection.
It is interesting to look at how the POP accounts function, in order to see why they are the most effective. The POP name comes from the "post office protocol? that the servers follow when sending and receiving mail. The POP3 format has overwritten the original 1 and 2 variants, and is the only format currently in use.
The accounts are housed on servers, and allow the account holder to login and retrieve their email. This is then downloaded to their computer and erased from the server. When the individual decides to send an email, they will be able to do so in a variety of ways. They can use something like Outlook to draft the email, and then their computer is automatically prompted to use the POP3 account to send it out. Alternately, the sender can also head to the Internet to login to a web based service, that is also using the POP3 option for mail delivery.
Interestingly enough, there are now many POP email account providers also giving their clients storage space on the server, that allows messages to remain in place-even after the download to a native computer has occurred.

Limitations for POP3

Not all POP3 services will allow the user to keep their mail, in custom folders, on their servers; and even if they do, they may date the individual items, in order to keep older communications from taking up space. This is something that many computer users would prefer to avoid; and will often opt to use those services that do allow them to create folders, organize their mail, and retain all communications for as long as necessary.
Another thing that some people find problematic with this type of email service is that they prevent any of the modern email tracers from accurately identifying the sender of a message. An email tracer can often take an email address and follow it back to the IP address to which it belongs. This is where the confusion can begin, because a POP account can often allow the user to login from any computer, because the service is web based. So, the tracer can follow the address back to the server-such as the Windows Hotmail server-but it cannot, assuredly, identify the actual person to whom the email is attached, or even the specific geographic location from which the message came.
Due to the fact that these accounts are often free and incredibly easy to use; however, most people using email services will opt for the POP variants. This includes those who want to access email accounts through a mobile device, in addition to computers.

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