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Features of a POP Email Service Account

There are many types of email services in use today-from the free Gmail and AIM services to dozens of lesser known and equally reliable entities. The common thread that runs through the majority of them; however, is that they are mostly a POP email service.
POP email account services are the most frequently in use, because they allow the account holder to access their email from any location or computer. For instance, a standard experience with a POP3 email provider would see the individual logging into their web based email account or opening the email client on their computer. They would then retrieve their messages, send out a few replies, and opt to log off, or just leave the client open throughout the day.
The remarkable ease of setup and usage for these POP3 emails is often the key factor in why a user might select them; but many also provide a large range of additional features and services, beyond the sending and receiving of email. For instance, it is not unusual for an account to come with spam filters, virus scanning on all messages, mobile access options, and even more. Before creating something like a free email account, it really does pay to shop around and make a few comparisons.

Some Standard Features

When considering a POP3 mail service, the individual should look at a few basic options, before moving on to advanced features. For instance, it should be a free service (most include advertising banners to compensate for the lack of monthly payments from account holders) with a large or unlimited range of online storage options.
It should allow the account holder to create an address book and also to permit exporting or importing of existing contact information. Due to the fact that the largest number of accounts are now POP3 variants, the service should allow the user to collect mail from other accounts they may have running. Sending and formatting messages should come with options for rich HTML styles, as well as plain text too.
Finally, there should be a relatively powerful and effective spam filter that will prevent dangerous or problematic messages from reaching the mailbox, and also an option to allow such messages to be sent to a spam folder for review.
The more advanced features, that are becoming a common occurrence, include: auto-reply settings, audible notification of new messages, mobile access through a phone or other device, and blocking of suspect addresses or problematic senders.
Where some people get a bit frustrated with POP services is the fact that they don?t allow for a simple email tracer to yield traditional results. For example, the standard trace would follow the message back to the IP address, but a POP account can usually be accessed from almost anywhere because it is web based ? even when it is accessed through a standard email client.
What this means is that, the tracing service can usually tell the geographic location of the server; which gives a somewhat accurate idea of the location of the individual, but not a precise IP address.

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