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What Do Paid Email Services Offer?

Whether you are very familiar with how email operates, or whether you are new to the whole situation; it will pay to understand some of the basic differences in the types of email service available. Currently, there are paid services, free services, and services included in some other type of account ? such as is the case with some cable TV and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Not all email services are alike; and some offer only basic options, while others extend access to advanced applications and features.
The focus of this discussion will be the paid email service. This is something that usually causes a lot of discussion and debate, because the majority of free services do seem fairly comprehensive; but that is only until the account holder needs to change their address, manage their contacts, archive their messages, or get help from customer support.
A good email service is one that is flexible, and allows the account holder to use SMTP and POP3, or IMAP technologies to access their mail. The POP3 and IMAP options are the most commonly used for retrieval, while the SMTP is the preferred option for sending out messages. This means that the email service should allow their fee-based accounts to utilize the email client (program used for reading and sending email) of their choice.
While this tends to be a key issue around email and its portability; the account holder should also be able to take their address with them, if they switch from one ISP to another as well. The paid services are usually one of the only methods for doing this.
Another area in which the fee-based services tend to excel is that of web accessibility. Not all email accounts will allow their users to login from any Internet connection nor will they offer a web based portal; but a good paid service should allow their user to use any computer, and also a range of mobile devices, to check in with their day?s messages.

Storage Matters Too

Almost everyone in the modern world of computer use does not expect to receive messages about accounts being full. Certainly we have all received the spoken messages about an answering machine being full, but an email account? This is something that rarely happens with the paid services, because they provide expansive amounts of storage and memory.
Such a large amount of storage is a good way for someone to be able to create a range of custom folders into which their various emails are stored. This is also a great way to keep backup copies of files sent from friends or colleagues as well; but as stated earlier, if these files cannot be exported to the native computer, then the service is falling short of its potential.
Most of the expansive memory features will also function in the opposite direction, and can usually allow much larger file sizes to be sent out as well. This is of great benefit to home based professionals who need to have graphics files or larger assortments of work handled electronically.

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