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Common Features of Paid Email Service Options

Some interesting statistics exist about the usage of the Internet and email. For instance, one study found that more than 180 billion emails were sent on a daily basis in the year 2006 alone. That indicates that there are billions of people using different types of email service to communicate.
While there are many free options, there is an equal amount of paid services being used as well. Why would someone choose a paid email service over a free account? Usually it has a lot to do with the features included in the account. For instance, the paid email accounts can often have customized and personalized email addresses, that might include a business or personal name in them. While other services can allow such things; it is usually only a paid email service that can allow the user to take this with them, if they have to change their ISP.
Another reason that someone might opt for a paid email account, is that it can deliver such features as expansive memory, the ability to import and export address books or messages, and options for incorporating calendars and email forwarding into their daily use as well.
Are there any mandatory options that should always be included in a fee-based email service? One of the biggest complaints of consumers that have enrolled in a paid service is the fact that their messages or contact lists are not portable. For example, if someone has an email account and has decided to transition to another ISP and email provider; they should be able to load their email messages and folders to their computer. This requires the service to have access to SMTP, POP3, or IMAP features; in order to allow an archive to be created on an account holder?s machine. If such things are not available, it is not a good idea to pay for the service.
The other thing to consider when paying for email services is the amount and quality of customer support. If the service has limited hours during which customer service is available, it is best to totally avoid the company altogether. Computer problems don?t schedule themselves only at convenient moments; and having to wait hours for a customer support technician can change a bad situation into a nightmare.

Security and Privacy

One last issue to consider, when investigating options in a fee-based email service is the kind of security, spam filters, and virus protections that come with its use. For example, a good service will automatically screen messages and alert the recipient to any problems that they might contain.
The privacy of the account holder might also be protected through the use of a paid service too, because the servers on such systems will usually prevent an email tracer from determining the source of a message. A simple example would be someone trying to find the location of the sender of an email message; and the trace actually coming to an end when it meets the ISP server, rather than the account information.

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