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Paid Email Services

With the popularity of email communications for most of our major communications regarding business-and sometimes personal affairs-fast becoming a way of life; it is no wonder that there is now so many different nuances and distinctive features of what used to be just one email service. These days, there are now multiple kinds of email communication services available to those seeking to communicate online-categorized as business and personal services, and paid and free email communication services. Depending on the nature of your personal needs in regards to an email account or service, you could have a wide array of features and applications available to you-beyond just being able to send and receive email communications. For the purposes of this category, we will discuss all that is central to the topic of paid email services to best understand what makes them different from the free versions, and why some might choose paid versions over free accounts-and vice versa.

When it comes to identifying what a paid email service is and what characteristics identify it as its own variety of email service; it is key to understand that email communication accounts were once all paid. While the services offered under this category were very basic, and typically, just included the sending and receiving of emails; the providers of this-at the time-novel communications service asked for a monthly rate. It wasn?t until about ten years ago that some email providers started offering their email account services free-with the ability to sign on for more sophisticated services, if you required them. So, today, the paid services that still exist are most often from providers that offer a wide range of sophisticated communications services-such as integration, synchronizing, email forwarding, etc etc. In this section, we will elaborate on the two most significant subjects you may be concerned about in regards to email accounts that are paid: what features are offered and also what paid service providers offer that free ones do not?

As was noted, there was a time when the only enviable feature of an email service was just the function that it could apply: sending and receiving online communication. Today, email communication services are much more sophisticated than this-as best evidenced in the paid services providers. For example, many people choose paid services; as they allow them to customize their email addresses to a business name, forward emails to a new address automatically, import/export existing address books, and  keep their confidential communications safe with enhanced privacy and spam protections. In this category, we explore these common features of paid email service accounts more closely; to better understand the privileges that a paid account might afford.

One of the first things you may be asking yourself, as you explore this topic on paid services, is why you would ever choose a paid email service over a free one? Well, as touched upon previously, paid services typically offer a lot more in the way of features and function in an email account. While so many do decide to go with standard email accounts for their personal dealings online; in most cases, more professional entities opt for more choices and convenience-as it available in a paid email service. In this section, we examine what paid services offer in regards to what free email accounts offer; in order to best point out what makes each kind its own valuable choice.

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