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How to Setup an IMAP Email Account

If you are just opening a new IMAP email account, you will have to make the proper choices during this setup process; in order to make it function in the way most suited to your needs.
What does this mean? Well, IMAP accounts are all known for one major issue of concern, and that is: the need for a constant connection to the Internet in order to function. For example, most web based services offer access to both POP and IMAP email style accounts. The problem with the IMAP option is that the email client or web based service must have an active connection to the Internet for the account holder to open their mail or any attachments. This could mean that it would be very difficult for people with dial up service-or even those who are trying to retrieve their email from a remote location-to do so.
Due to the fact that this is something that many people don?t really like, the majority of services offering IMAP emails; now make it possible to opt for a copy of each message to be stored on the native computer, each time the email is downloaded. This would allow someone to review mail without having to go online, login, and wait for the messages to load. Such an option; however, must be selected during the setup process.
Unfortunately, many ISP (Internet Service Providers) are not happy to offer up vast amounts of storage space to the millions of email accounts using the IMAP technologies; so you will have to double-check with your ISP, to ensure that it actually supports the email service you have selected.
If you understand that the fundamental difference between POP and non-POP services is that the former loads messages to your computer every time you open your email client; and the latter, stores all messages on the actual server without copying anything to a computer; then you can see why some people would opt for one over the other.
Where do you find IMAP accounts? There are many email services that deliver messages through the technology, and even the major email service companies allow their account holders to setup new email addresses to retrieve messages off a variety of servers.

Issues with Services

One thing many people hear about, where the IMAP accounts are concerned, is their inability to be analyzed in great detail via an email tracer. These are online services that follow the path followed by an email, in order to discover more about the sender.
If you open the source header data on any email, you will usually find the actual data related to the message?s origins. This will often come in the form of IP addresses; but with the IMAP services, most of the accounts are sourced through a very central and enormous server, that makes it very difficult to determine exactly who sent it. Since many people want to perform a trace, due to concerns about the source of the message?s sender; it is fortunate that a large majority of email services also allow account holders to block addresses-should unwanted messages be received from them. If a tracer fails, this is an easy answer to the problem.

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