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FastMail.FM IMAP Email Service

There are many ways that modern people stay in touch-or even conduct business-and one of the most common approaches is the email. Interestingly enough, there are different ways that email communications are sent and managed. The two most common are the POP and the IMAP email service options.
Is there one that is preferred over the other? It all depends upon the goals and needs of the individual company or account holder. For instance, the IMAP services require the account holder to login to a server, in order to access their mail. This means that a constant connection to the Internet is necessary for round the clock access. This; however, is not a bad thing where massive networks, companies of many different sizes, and even many home users are concerned.
The POP accounts, on the other hand, will send all messages into the email client or web based email service, and then delete them from the original server permanently. This means that messages can only be received and viewed from a single computer, unless the server allows the account holder to store messages as copies on the server too.
Are there fees associated with these services? Are there any free IMAP email providers? There are many reliable companies, including the FastMail.FM service; which provides businesses, families, and even resellers with access to fee-based and free IMAP email accounts.
The free services will naturally offer less memory and special features, but are still remarkably generous. Consider that all accounts will allow the account holder to have separate email addresses from which they can retrieve their mail.  All accounts will have powerful spam and junk mail filtering to prevent problematic emails from entering the account.  All accounts have virus filtering to detect any malicious messages or codes seeking to enter the servers, as well as address book functions that offer an import and export feature. They even have the option for expansive storage and upload, to allow the account holder to load and save photos or large files to their online account.

Limits to IMAP Emails

Are there any limits where IMAP emails and the FastMail.FM site are concerned? Realistically, the service is only limited in the same ways that all IMAP services are limited ? which is that messages are stored to the server-and not the computer-of the actual account holder.
How is that a limitation? Let?s consider a very simple example of how this could be viewed as a limitation. If you were working on a business or office project from your home computer, and you needed to take just a quick look at the latest email from a client; you would have to open the browser and login to the email account, in order to scroll through the received messages to find the one you needed.
This would take extra time to accomplish, but the IMAP server would have allowed you to organize your messages in a very specific way; such as, through different folders and files. It would have also tagged all messages that were read earlier in the day. A POP account would not clearly indicate which messages you had already looked at from your office computer. This is one of the reasons that so many people turn to the IMAP accounts.

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