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Cwazy Mail IMAP Email Services

There are, essentially, two major ways in which people get their emails; and these two ways have to do with the protocols and technologies that are used. There are IMAP email services and POP email services as well.
The IMAP email service is different from the POP in two key ways ? first, it stores all messages on the server, and does not load them to the computer of the account holder. This leads to the second difference, which is that the account holder must maintain a constant Internet connection; in order to access their emails and any attachments from an IMAP account.
Does this mean that IMAP email services are not as good as others? No, it is actually becoming more and more common to see people selecting the IMAP email, and this is for several interesting reasons.
Consider those using the Cwazy Mail service; they can open the webmail application, load all of their new communications, delete anything they don?t want or need, and then close their browser. Later in the day, they could be at a different computer and when they opened the service they would see that all of the emails they read earlier in the day would be marked as "read?; and all of the unwanted items would still be in the trash.
If they had chosen a POP service, they would not see any of the emails that they had downloaded earlier in the day; because they would have been permanently deleted from the server, the first time that they were viewed. This is the fundamental difference between the two services, and is usually the main reason that someone will opt for one over the other.

Setting Up IMAP Email

Whether someone opts for a service such as Cwazy Mail, or they choose one of the free IMAP emails; they will have to be sure that they set this account up in the best manner possible.  For instance, many IMAP emails will now have a way to load messages to the native computer for offline viewing. This might be for archiving purposes or simply to allow for access, when not connected to the Internet; but if this is going to be necessary, it usually has to happen during initial configuration.
The synching between mail folders on the individual computer and the server, also streamlines the time needed to properly manage an email account as well. Even free IMAP email allows the user to view message subjects before downloading, which is not always the case with the POP servers. This lets the individual account holder decide which emails to download on an individual basis.
Although the POP services tend to still be the most commonly used, more and more email clients and web-based services are using IMAP technologies to retrieve mail from the remote servers.
One thing to double-check before choosing any email service; however, is the type of accounts supported by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is because not all services will provide the amount of storage or memory necessary for the IMAP options to function at optimal levels.

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