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Limitations of Email Service for Free (Email Service Free)

There are a few types of email service frequently used by modern consumers. The email service free of charge is among the most popular. This is because it allows anyone to communicate via standard email means; but also offers this service without any of the expenses usually required to do so. Although free email services are becoming more and more available-and more frequently used-they do have some limitations over the fee-based options.
For instance, when someone chooses to use a free email service; they are not  likely to enjoy the same amount of storage or memory, access to IMAP or POP3 processes, and a full range of customer service-among many other issues. Does this mean consumers will want to avoid the use of a free email service? Not at all, it just means that they should scrutinize the features available before enrolling in an account.
Even if email services free from cost are somewhat limited in their options; they must include access to spam and junk mail filters, in order to protect the account holder?s computer from the viruses, worms, and other malicious programs that are frequently sent out in email communications. If a free service only provides a general junk folder that doesn?t prevent such issues, it should be avoided.
The free services are also somewhat limited where memory or storage is concerned; but they must not put a cap on the number of messages that the account holder can send or receive, in a given day. Naturally, it is to be expected that a free service may impose a limitation on the size of any message entering or exiting the system, as this can cause serious delays.  However, if they limit messaging to something like fifty or less, then this sort of service should also be avoided.
Although most free services are also somewhat limited where portability is concerned (meaning that an email address must usually be deleted if the account holder is switching to another provider), the better options do allow their customers to access other email accounts using their email client of choice. For example, someone using a free service may also have another primary email account that they use through an email client on their home computer. The free service should allow the client to retrieve the account holder?s email messages from their server in this way too.

Privacy Issues

One major benefit of choosing a free service-apart from the fact that it is free of charge- is that it can usually protect the account holder from the use of an email tracer. This is because the account is located on the ISP for the service, and will never be able to allow the tracer to follow a message back to the IP address of the actual account holder, which is something that the structural design of other email services might allow.

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