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Good Choices for Free Email Services

Everyone enjoys getting something for free; but where free email services are concerned, it really pays to investigate the options and features available. Not only should there be some concerns about security and privacy; but one should also consider portability and ease of use as well.
There are many types of email service available to modern computer users, and-though there are many arguments about the merits of a fee-based email service over a free email service-it all comes down to a few key issues. Interestingly enough, the best free services (or at least the most popular) are beginning to integrate many of the features once available only in the fee-based programs. Such features include unlimited memory, webmail access, and IMAP or POP3 access.
Let?s begin by looking at the most common features of the better free email services. Currently, the most widely used options provide their customers with entirely free service, that is possible through the use of some banner ads on the interface. These tend to offer very little distraction or clutter to the screen; however, and this once problematic "issue? is now rarely mentioned at all.
The next most common feature that can be seen in a free email site is the possibility for organizing mail into custom folders and files. This allows the account holder to easily manage their messages and even create archives. Where these archives are concerned, the best free email service providers have ways of allowing an account holder?s email client of choice to load the messages via the POP3 or IMAP protocols as well. This can provide anyone with access to their messages, on any computer that they use, and also ensure that important communications are never lost or deleted.
Most free services also provide enhanced scanning and spam protection, that will eliminate most of the risks associated with malicious email content. Lastly, one of the other more common features of most accounts, is the availability of webmail or a web based portal. This is often a way for someone to employ their mobile device to draft, read, and send email messages from any location.

Interesting Features

Not only, do most free services provide the options listed above; but they can also even include instant messaging features, allow the user to compose messages in the HTML style (in addition to the plain text variants), and also receive mail from a few different accounts. Some of the very best will also allow the account holder to create aliases from their outside accounts, which can then be entered into the "from? area of any emails, in addition to the actual address.
This is an interesting twist, and is something that has begun to challenge the many email tracer services available. Due to the fact that email tracers seek to follow an email message or address back to its source; the free services can often lead the tracer only as far as the ISP for the service, rather than that of the account holder. Moreover, even the source header data on such messages can be confusing to the tracing service, and prevent the sender?s information from being determined.

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