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Common Features of Free Email Hosting Services

In the year 2006, it is estimated that more than 180 billion emails were sent out on a daily basis; which means that business professionals and private people need email service providers of all kinds. Something that many modern businesses and home based professionals will use is email hosting for their companies. This is one of the many types of email service that provides a range of excellent features, and it usually also comes with the registration of a domain name.
A domain name-or website name-is imperative in the modern business world, and being able to present a business card or website in which all email addresses end in the company?s name goes a very long way in creating a professional image. Many free email hosting services will also include free email domain hosting among their offerings too.
What would this variety of free email services include? The best options for free email services include security measures, email client compatibility, mobile access, and multi-user options. This said, before signing on for any free email web hosting; it will always pay do a bit of comparison shopping to identify the most feature-rich and high-quality types of email services available.

The Many Features

Let?s first look at security issues ? any modern computer user tends to have virus protection in place; but if free email services don?t also scan and quarantine worrisome messages, all of the security could be wasted. This means that any service should have a 100% guarantee against viruses and spam in any messages delivered.
Another area which touches on security is the level of privacy ensured to account holder information, and this usually has to do with email tracers. Fortunately, most email tracer services are hired to find the geographic location of the sender of a message. This is where utilizing a free service can guarantee privacy ?as their IP addresses could be in various sites around the world, and would provide no clear indication of their account holder?s whereabouts.
The next thing to consider is email client compatibility. This is the service?s ability to allow the account holder to consolidate messages from a range of free or fee-based email services, that use either POP3 or IMAP protocols. What does this mean? If a customer has several other accounts at other email services; the free email host should allow them to setup their account, to also retrieve messages from their secondary addresses at other sites too.
If a hosting service is also being used for a business or by a home based professional; they should be able to retrieve mail via a mobile device, when necessary. If the service doesn?t support wireless access; it may be a good idea to look for another service provider, because mobility is usually a huge issue with modern email users.
Lastly, is the need for multi-user features. If a service doesn?t provide numerous mailboxes, an expandable range of storage, and easy account setup; it may not be a good choice for someone who is choosing a service they would rely upon regularly for their business.

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