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Email services have certainly evolved past those first days-when the only service an email account entailed was that of sending and receiving emails. Today, there are a wide variance between kinds of email account services. From personal to business accounts, paid to free email service, major to minor providers-there are quite a few options that a person or business has before them; in locating the perfect email account service for their particular needs. In this category, we examine one of the most fundamental ways to classify email accounts: whether a fee is charged the user or not. For our purposes, we will discuss the more popular of choices: the free email service: what it is, what features you get, as well as what the possible limitations of a free email service account might be-when contrasted with the paid versions available.

With the possible limitations of a free email account service in mind, what then, would you get with a free account; and would this be enough for your particular needs? It all depends on how much you use your email communications, who you email, how often you switch ISPs, and how much technology you demand from your email account service on a regular basis. In this category, we examine what the most common of features usually offered in a no cost email provider account that you may subscribe to; to help you determine if this is more than enough or not enough at all-for your personal and business needs.

One of the most common concerns one may have when trying to decide whether they want to use a free email service or not; is what provider should you use? While this is an important question to ask yourself with any service that you want to use; the lesser price a service-the more apt it is to offer sub-standard quality. This is not a given in the email provider industry, but consider asking yourself, why someone would offer an invaluable service for nothing? While it is possible to get quality service for free, all aspects of the particular provider should always be thoroughly researched. In this section, we did the work for you; and rounded up the most popular choices that people use for free email service accounts.

As anyone might ask themselves, "why would anyone offer anything for free?? Luckily, the basic background on email accounts is that many top notch email providers didn?t always offer their services for free-not until about ten years ago. For a number of very viable reasons, these major providers now offer their most standard of email account services free. This said, the fact that these email providers offer standard services free-means that they reserve more sophisticated and convenient features and services for their paid accounts. In this section, we take a closer look at what free services may be missing-when compared with paid accounts offered by the same major providers.

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