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What is an Email Forwarding Address Service?

As time has passed, and email services have grown and expanded to offer users the most comprehensive array of features and options possible; many have begun to include email forwarding in the standard service package. This is because it is such a helpful feature for people, from many different backgrounds and professions.
When you are going to be away from your office, are relocating, or simply need to shift the receipt of email messages to a new destination; you will have the option of entering an email forwarding address into your account settings. This will then push the message to one or more new email addresses, in order to ensure that the appropriate person(s) are able to reply.
Many people ask about re-sending versus the email forwarding services. The primary reason to avoid simply sending a message forward is the fact that all of the information in the "from? and "to? fields is automatically overwritten. This means that hitting the "reply? field sends the message to the address from which the email was forwarded, creating a loop of nonsensical communication.
With an email forwarding option; however, the "reply? button sends the message directly to the sender along with the any appropriate details about the correct address, for their reply. For example, the correct address will appear in the "from? area, and the recipient can also simply strike the reply key to get directly to the sender.
Email forwarding is something done on the personal and the professional email levels, and can save a lot of time and frustration. Consider how easy it is for a server administrator or IT manager at a company of any size; to simply begin forwarding all messages from any old, abandoned or unused addresses to the appropriate personnel. This is even something that frequently occurs due to such issues as a change in title or a promotion. For instance, the person who was once in the sales department-but who has advanced to management-can have all of their old sales emails forwarded to them at the same time, that they are directed to their replacement as well. This facilitates the transition and keeps both parties in the proverbial "loop.? It is also a great way for an individual to transition from one email address to another, without missing any vital communication.

Interesting Effects of Forwarding

It is also interesting to look at the effects of email forwarding on email tracers. When someone needs to use an email tracer, it is often as a way of identifying the sender of a specific email. This might be because they are hesitant to accept a communication from an unknown address, or because they are curious to understand the source from which the message originated. Often people who are not on email lists- or who do not give out their email address-will need to run a tracer to determine if their information was handled inappropriately. When email forwarding is properly in place, the tracer will be able to perform its assignment correctly, and identify the correct IP address for the original sender.

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