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Runbox Email Forwarding Service

While many modern email users think of an email forwarding service as a part of their account options, free emails forwarding is not the only way that such an activity occurs. In fact, these services are actually a great deal more than just a way for an individual to get a single message to a new destination.
Consider the email forwarding service integrated into any Runbox account. This will work as a form of consolidation, as it retrieves messages from any other types of email service (including POP and IMAP accounts), filters messages to preset folders in the account, and also forwards any messages to preset addresses as well.
Why would this sort of email forwarding service be of significant value to an individual or a business? Consider the small, single owner domain that seeks to establish itself as a major player in its particular field or industry. If it has only one or two addresses under the "Contact Us? heading, it is painfully clear that it is a small operation. If, however, it has numerous addresses which give the appearance of several departments and many employees; then it will easily establish itself as a serious and stable entity. A good email forwarding service would allow a domain owner to create dozens of addresses, that would all actually forward all messages to a single destination.
It would also allow the individual account holder to determine where any messages are sent, thanks to built-in filters. For instance, if there are three or four staff members and dozens of addresses; each person would receive those groups related to their specialization.
An email forwarding service-like Runbox-would also make life easier for the business professional or the individual, by allowing them to utilize any email client to manage their messages. This could allow several dozen addresses and accounts to funnel into a single and easily accessible location. Again, the single owner domain might have email accounts through their ISP (Internet Service Provider) for each staff member, and the forwarding service would send the appropriate messages to the specific employees based on the settings input into the account. This would mean that an extraordinarily professional level of communication could occur, because not a single message would ever have to languish in a general or default mailbox.

Free or Fee-Based

It is important to note that not all forwarding services offer free accounts. Some extend free email forwarding on a very limited level, with the opportunity to upgrade to larger amounts of memory or storage and many advanced features. Others provide an email forwarding service only for a fee-based plan, which the individual can usually select from a range of monthly costs.
It is a good idea for a business of any size to investigate the various options; because there will eventually come a time when employees change, addresses are abandoned, and messages can get lost. A forwarding service can ensure that no negative consequences result from such events.

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