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PrimeMail Automatically Forward Email Service

Almost any modern application or contact information sheet contains a field into which someone must put their email address. Not everyone wants to give out their personal email information, and this is one primary reason that they enroll for a service that will automatically forward email messages. Such a service allows the account holder to give out a single address, and then provide their forwarding service with from one to dozens of addresses-to which their incoming messages should be forwarded.
The PrimeMail site is one such service, and it will automatically forward mail, as well as providing the account holder with webmail options and more. The reasons for enrolling in such a service can vary, but many people want to enjoy the option of viewing all messages in one location or in as many as necessary.
Consider that anyone who has a POP server on an email account will be able to get their messages only once, before the server deletes them. This means that if they login to their work email account while at home; they will have to forward messages manually to the office account again, if they want them on that alternate computer too. With free email forwarding; however, it is easy to enter the email addresses for each location and receive automatic duplicates on every computer. Additionally, not all people use an ISP that can give them an email account, and a service such as PrimeMail requires only that the individual logs into their site to access a variety of webmail options.
When you automatically forward messages; you may be doing so in order to create backups at several locations, informing others of the same details you receive from an email, or simply making it possible for yourself to get email from anywhere, at any time. Continuity in communication is another reason that forwarding of email messages is so vitally important.
Consider just how quickly a small or home-based office can lose emails when switching from one ISP to another. If, however, the manager or owner of the business must only enter the new ISP details into their PrimeMail profile; there will be absolutely no glitches in the switching process. This means that all messages and questions will be answered promptly, and not a single order will be missed.

The Age of Anonymity

The modern world of electronic communications can also provide for a great deal of anonymity, whether it is necessary or not. When someone doesn?t want to continually give out the email address from their ISP provider or from their office, having access to an email forwarding address makes it very easy to maintain a great amount of privacy. Moreover, it also means never having to send out hundreds of messages about any kinds of address changes.
Where a forwarding address can also be of assistance is with any unwanted or undesirable email tracer activities. This would usually allow anyone to take an email address, and find out where and to whom it belongs. When tracing a good forwarding address; however, the individual will be able only to find out where the ISP for the service is located, and nothing about the account holder.

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