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Pobox Email with Forwarding Service

Are you someone in the market for email with forwarding options? Certainly most modern ISP accounts provide an easy to use forwarding feature; but the fact of the matter, is that most people change email addresses more often than they realize-and even have more addresses than they can easily manage. This can become a real problem if they must inform dozens of different people and businesses of any changes. With free email forwarding; however, the majority of the work is done for them.
How does a good email with forwarding option work? Let?s use a Pobox email account as a good example. Instead of giving out the current email address that you are using at home or at the office, you would simply begin giving everyone your Pobox address. Every message you then received would be scanned by the service for any sort of spam or virus; and then sent on to the address-or addresses-to which you go for receipt of every message.
Consider that most people actually access several types of email service each day ? they have their home address, their office address, and they may have several other options, that they log into on a regular schedule. With a Pobox account and email with forwarding in place, the individual would have access to the free emails forwarding plan, allowing them to view all of their messages in each of these locations. In fact, most account holders are able to enter up to five addresses to ensure they don?t miss any messages at all.
This is a fantastic way to be able to see all current messages through a webmail service; but also remember that they will appear in an office inbox. This can be a great thing for those who rely on POP accounts, which usually only store messages on a server until they are downloaded by a single computer. What would normally happen is that the account holder could only get their mail at a single location; but if they utilized the forwarding address, the emails would go to the POP server, in addition to, up to four more locations too.

Anonymity in the Electronic Age

An email with forwarding account is also a good way to enjoy anonymity, because it gives the account holder an address that is not their current personal or work account. This can save anyone from a great deal of unwanted junk or spam mail; and even from malicious or harmful messages too, thanks to the built-in filters at services such as Pobox.
This plan can also help to limit the amount of information found through an email tracer. What are email tracers? These are services that can usually follow an email address or message all of the way back to its source. It is often a way for someone to determine who is sending them an email (if they don?t recognize the address), but it can also be a way to reduce the amount of privacy or anonymity enjoyed by someone sending a message. With forwarding services in place, the tracer can only follow the messages back to the ISP address for the service and no further.

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