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Hotpop Email Forwarding Address Service

The wide use of email has created an enormous array of free email services on the Internet. A large number of the services will include a specific set of limitations on their free accounts; but will also provide additional or expanded services for customers willing to pay for their access. One service available-as both a free and fee-based option-is the use of an email forwarding address on the account. This allows the account holder to provide from one to dozens of addresses, to which any messages are then forwarded.
For example, consider the HotPOP service; it allows account holders to enter a large number of forwarding addresses into their profile, and every message received in the account is then sent to those addresses too.
Why would this be helpful? The use of an email forwarding service can keep a large group of people informed about something without any effort on the part of the address holder; it can allow an account holder to ensure that they can get their email wherever they happen to be; and it can provide a simple approach to backing up all emails.
This is something to consider when the account holder is using the common POP variety of email service. Pop email service is a traditional and popular way for an email client or web based service to receive all messages, but not entirely convenient. The major glitch, where this option is concerned, is that once someone gets their email from the POP server; it is permanently erased from it, and loaded only to the single native computer that was used to access the account. This means that if a business professional used their laptop to get their mail off of a server earlier in the day, and then tried to review the same messages at their office machine; they would be unable to do so. With a free email forwarding option; however, they could have their emails sent to separate addresses-such as one for the laptop and one for the office-and be sure to get copies on each machine.

Additional Options

Those who use the free emails forwarding services might also do so to retain a large measure of anonymity or even to create the idea of a much larger business or organization.
Let?s first look at those who use forwarding services to give the look of a bigger company. If you create numerous aliases through the forwarding site, these can be posted at a location-such as a professional website under the "Contact Us? section. This could allow the account holder to create divisions, departments, and offices to which emails and questions can be sent; but which actually head to a single email address through the forwarding service.
It is easy enough to also reverse this pattern, and have a question or message sent to a single office or business division; and then automatically forwarded out to numerous people, in order to ensure a timely and accurate response.
Those who want to retain anonymity through email forwarding can look at how an email tracer would work on such an address to see why some choose this approach. The tracer would take the address used at the forwarding service, and be able to follow it only as far as the ISP for the forwarding account. It would then be unable to determine where a message originated after that point.

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