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While many people employ email account forwarding, as a way of managing numerous email accounts or transitioning between a new and former email address; there are actually many other reasons for putting such a handy option to work.
Consider those who work in the broadcasting industry and who are members of ? they have access to a free email forwarding service that allows them a large measure of anonymity. This privacy is obtained, because the email forwarding option allows them to give out an address, that has the domain attached to it; but which automatically sends the message to their client or ISP server address of choice.
Why would someone opt for one of these types of email service? As stated, anonymity is a difficult thing to retain in the world of electronic communication; and when you have a single address that filters everything to an unpublished one, then you can retain an enormous amount of control over what you receive.
There are many services offering email forwarding options, and many will direct the messages from dozens of services to a single location. The better options will be able to access any common email client and any type of server. For example, a good service should be able receive or retrieve messages from a POP server, just as easily as they can from the IMAP servers too.

Options in Forwarding Accounts

Something to remember when choosing a forwarding service is the different features promised in the account. For example, the service is a one-way channel that simply sends all messages received, through to the email address indicated by the account holder; and yet doesn?t allow them to reply or send messages from that specific domain. The account is privacy protected, which means little to no spam or junk mail will get through to the destination account as well.
Not all services offer any kind of protection or filtering options, and this can actually become a problem if the account holder is using an email service without advanced virus and junk mail protection itself.
This is the reason that it pays to scrutinize a few of the most popular forwarding services, before deciding which to use. For instance, some are entirely free of charge; but put limits on the number of messages that can be received in a given day. These might also be unable to handle a situation in which a full mailbox occurs. If volume is going to be an issue, it is usually best to turn to one of the fee-based services as they usually extend a large amount of memory on each account; and have options in place for moments where problems might occur.
Some email forwarding accounts operate strictly on domain names, with a company or individual being able to create dozens of aliases or email addresses for their domain name; and having all of them send messages to a single designated account. This is often the way to give credibility and authenticity to a company that is small in size.

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