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BigFoot Email Address Forwarding Service

There are many different types of email service, and one that is put to use on a regular basis by both business owners and individuals is something known as the email address forwarding service. This is a service that can harvest emails from a large range of sources and ISPs and send them into single new location.
Email forwarding services are usually included in any individual email account, but this is a free email forwarding option that just sends messages to a specified mailing address for an established period of time. There are some consumer email accounts that allow numerous addresses to receive forwarded messages for an indefinite period, but such options usually cannot compare with the professional level services.
Why is that? Well, consider what the BigFoot email forwarding services include ? there is the opportunity for an unlimited number of messages to be handled each day, there is the capability for harvesting messages from both IMAP and POP accounts, and there is the special "Power Forwarding? feature as well. This is something that is of great benefit to anyone who is using such a service for business or professional reasons.
This feature includes advanced filtering, consolidation, automatic reminders and more. It is important, however, to understand exactly why this collection of services and offerings would be of such value before selecting any sort of forwarding service.

Reasons for Choosing

Why would a business owner or email administrator opt to use an outside forwarding service rather than trying to manage this themselves? The first-and probably most important-issue is that these folks are not omniscient. This means that they cannot know when someone has inaccurately typed the prefix of an email, and entered the correct domain name. A good forwarding service will have servers scouting all occurrences of the domain name in question, and sending any unassigned addresses or messages, to a special default location. This allows top-notch communication even when mail should not have been received at all.
Among the many other reasons that an email forwarding provider is able to better manage communication issues are the ways in which it can communicate with any sort of server to retrieve the messages in the account. For instance, a business using the BigFoot service could have an email client that collected messages off of one server via the IMAP approach, and from several others via the more common POP service. A good forwarding provider would be able to grab all of the messages from the various servers and filter them according the established requirements.
The capacity for numerous filters is also a huge advantage, because it can allow the new system for mail distribution to be created and implemented, with the click of a few keys. There would be no need for anyone to scour folders and accounts to ensure no messages are dropped or lost.
The only "downside? to email forwarding is the effect it has on the use of an email tracer. Many people employ email tracers to determine the point of origin on a message; and the IP address that such a search would provide would be from the forwarding service provider, rather than the original sender. Fortunately, a majority of tracing services can often determine the original sender via source header data as well.

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