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American Radio Relay League Email Forwarding Service

If you are a member of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League), and you are in the market for free email address forwarding; you should know that this is a free benefit from your membership fee. Most consumers will usually have to pay for an advanced or professional level forwarding option; but this is something included in annual dues as a member benefit. This is also a variety of email forwarding that utilizes the domain name to achieve its goal.
Have you heard about email address forwarding services? These allow anyone to trigger a message sent to a specific email address to head to an alternative destination. They can even be sent to several addresses, if necessary. While an individual might use email forwarding as a way to transition between accounts ? for instance, a member of ARRL could have the messages sent to their address ending in the league?s domain name, to the account at their new ISP account ? groups and businesses often use email forwarding for other reasons.
For example, many companies will promote employees and instead of changing email addresses and risking the loss of messages; they implement email forwarding on the original address to the new one. They might also add the email address of that person?s replacement; in order to help them learn about their job, their regular contacts, or their major accounts very quickly and with minimal disruption. This is actually a common way to begin job training and allow the employees to operate in the most efficient manner possible.
Are there any issues of concern where email address forwarding is used? Interestingly enough when someone creates a really good plan for forwarding messages, they can often communicate more effectively than ever before. This is because they will receive any messages in a single email account; so the system that used to have a "general? email box-along with other department headings, and which might contain messages that sit around, unanswered and unread, for days at a time-will now erase the problems in that scenario. Instead, the forwarding service would send any general messages directly to a single mailbox, that is reviewed by the appropriate person throughout the day. This, in turn, creates a much stronger method of communication.

Issues with Forwarding

There is really no "down side? to email account forwarding unless you are trying to use an email tracer to determine the source of a message. Due to the fact that email tracers follow the path that a message followed to reach its destination; there may be times and occasions when a message can be followed back only as far as the IP address for the forwarding service provider.
This is not really a major issue, because most people using a tracer are simply seeking to find out the source of the message; and are usually concerning themselves with issues around security or privacy. The secondary IP address of the forwarding service will not indicate the actual, original, client?s name; but it can often present such data as the domain from which a message may have come. This is usually enough information to indicate the sender?s location or company.

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