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What is an Email Fax Service?

You probably know about standard email services that include regular messaging, forwarding services, and even aliases that deliver mail to your regular email account-but use a different domain or address. Among the other types of email service currently available is the remarkably handy email fax service. This types of service allows the user to compose, send, and receive fax messages entirely through their email account.
How does an email fax service work? Most-such as the eFax accounts-require the individual to select an actual fax phone number for their area. Many provide both fee-based and toll-free numbers, which are selected based on the types of clients or customers who may need to use the number to send a message. Most services support both domestic and international messaging too. The eFax account holder would then, have to download the proprietary software (which most fax services will require) in order for their regular email client to recognize the specific file types, that will appear in an email fax.
For example, let?s say that a home based business person needed to send a fax to another office across the country. If they are using one of the reliable online fax services, they would be able to create their fax message by opening their email client and choosing to create a new message. Instead of entering an email address in the "to? field; however, they would input the fax phone number of the recipient.
The cover page of an email fax is usually taken directly from the body area of the email, and the actual documents to be faxed would have to exist on the computer-in the form of a supported file type. For instance, most services can send over a PDF, JPG, and even common office file types too. If the documents are not already on the computer, they would require scanning or saving in a way that does allow the account holder to attach them to the email. Hitting the "send? key triggers the fax communication and the service will then convert the message instantly into a fax phone call using the "to? field data.

Receiving Faxes

When someone is on the receiving end of an email-based fax, they will receive an email from their service-along with an attachment in the appropriate file format. They simply open the attachment to view a printable version of their fax.
The only limitation-which many may see as a benefit-is that an email tracer cannot function with a fax sent in this way. Email tracers are able to follow a message or email address back to its source. While this often allows someone to find out the physical or geographic location of the ISP and the individual account holder, the fax services do not give source header data and are usually private and secure. This means that tracers will only be able to identify the ISP for the service, but not the account holder.

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