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What is a Deep Web Search?

When a standard search engine performs a search, it is basically scratching the surface of the Internet. It uses web bots to crawl around on all of the most obvious web sites and pages. These searches can usually find a great deal of information; however, when it comes to people searches, these regular search engines are not so useful.
Many times, when people perform a web search, they use a regular search engine; and when they cannot find what they are looking for, they just give up. They assume that the information is not findable.
This said, it is wise to remember that these standard searches only scratch the surface of the Internet. There are many, many more parts of the web that are never searched by these standard web search engines. This is because the automated bots or web crawlers that the search engines use, cannot access this information. The information that is deep down below the surface on the Internet is often called the deep web or the invisible web, because most people do not know that it exists.
A deep web search utilizes a different kind of searching and a different kind of bot. This type of search is actually capable of accessing all of those parts of the deep web that were once unreachable. This type of web search is simply a way to reach much deeper and find things and people on the Internet, that you would never find with a standard Internet search. The information is out there. It is just not available with standard searches. 
Some parts of the deep web include the databases of various companies that keep information, password protected websites, and information that has been scripted or encoded. This information is not accessible with standard engines.

How You Can Use a Deep Search

 You may be wondering what you could do with a deep search. The main use of this type of search is to find people. Whether you need to find a childhood friend or a relative with who you lost contact; you can do so with one of these deep searches.
It is often hard to find a person?s email address using a standard search engine, since people do not make a habit of displaying their email address. This does not mean that they do not want contact from someone. It simply means that they do not want to receive spam or junk email; and they do not want to receive emails from strangers. Often, their email addresses can be easily found with a deep web type of search.
The invisible or the deep web is a huge resource of information that is very rarely tapped. You can use this type of search to find people, when other types of searches have failed. The chances of finding someone are much more increased, when you search the deep web to find the information or the email address that you need.

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