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Conducting a name search for email addresses is something that requires a bit of skill and patience. Unlike the case of the telephone system and most other public records; there is no universal clearing house for information related to email addresses. In fact, the best way to look up an email address is to master the use of several different resources, and to combine the results from each of those sources.  This ensures you are able to create an entire picture of the subject of the search?s presence online; and, thereby, to locate their email address. This requires a learning curve.

Conducting a name search is one of the easiest ways to find documents on which both the name and the email address occur. While a standard web search for the email address itself, may net some results; it?s more likely that the search engine will only return results that are relevant to the domain at which the email address is located-and not the actual name of the person themselves. This process can be time-consuming, and sometimes very frustrating as there is no way to ensure that any email address located for an individual is active, or even if it is a real address at all.

If one cannot find a valid address by using only intelligence-gathering techniques that make use of document and name searches; there are still other options one might employ. Communications technology always requires that every message has a stated origin and destination; and that can be a very powerful advantage for one conducting a search.

Using an Email Tracer

If one has an email from the individual, but the address is spoofed; one can make use of a technology called an email tracer to combat such efforts, at keeping an email address concealed. The email tracer will read the header of the email. The header is something akin to the postmark that appears on the top of an envelope. It contains information related to the origins of the email, and-most importantly-the name of the server from which the email was originally sent.

Using email tracers, one can effortlessly get the name of the domain at which the sender?s account is located. If one is performing this because they have been the recipient of harassing emails; emailing the administrator of that domain will likely result in the author of the harassing emails being banned. If one is simply trying to put together an address from fragmented information, these devices are excellent resources. The Internet is never truly anonymous, but actually finding information can be challenging. Conducting an email search by name or by tracer is an acquired skill, and may require some patience to evolve completely.

Remember that patience will see one through most of this process. There are numerous pages that offer these technologies, often for free; and one can experiment with the different offerings to find those applications that seem the most intuitive and useful.

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