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How to Report Spam Mail to the U.S. Department of Justice

Spam is one of the main prices we pay for the worldwide, instantaneous communications we gain through Internet email. As most of us spend more and more time online-depending upon email communications for our business and personal relationships-businesses spend more and more effort trying to market to us, there. By there, we mean; not only, on online company sites and affiliate networks; but also, through our email inboxes.

With this in mind, it is helpful to have a solid working knowledge of exactly what spam is. While all of us have it-in our business and personal email accounts-few of us can discern what can be reported to an authority, such as the U.S. Department of Justice; and what should not. While no spam seems like a positive thing; in many cases, it is perfectly legitamite.

Where the difference exists is in the very definition of spam: email communication that is unsolicited and/or deceptive. So, by this definition, receiving too many e-newsletters from a particular online company that you signed up to be notified from, would not be considered spam. On the other hand, if a party emails you, and you have not requested this; it is an unsolicited email from spammers. Moreover, if someone poses as one of your contacts, or tries to get you to offer personal information-these are also illegal spam criminals. It should be noted also, that in many cases, spammers employ spam bots to send bulk email to thousands of addresses all at once-so recognizing signs of a generalized spam email is also vital. This understood, how do you report spam mail to the DOJ?

With the proper definition of spam in mind, you can probably think of millions of good examples of spam-all unsolicited or deceptive-and certainly, illegal. So, now what? Now that you know you receive it, you must learn how to successfully report spam mail to the U.S. Department of Justice, and other penalizing factions. In this section, we discuss the definition of spam and how this relates to the criteria required for reporting spam abuse, through the U.S. Department of Justice.

Knowing how to report spam mail abuse to the United States Department of Justice-while integral-is only part of the battle. It is also equally important that you understand how the spam email is actually stopped-meaning what the Department of Justice does, once it has the spam abuse information you report. In this category, we take a closer look at how spam emails can be stopped by the proper reporting of the abuse to the Department of Justice.

So, while you want to do something to respond to the spam emails you receive in your inbox; you?re not exactly sure what will happen when you do. There are a number of results that can occur when you report illegal emails to the Department of Justice, from limiting the spam in your inbox to protecting others from future spam abuse. In this category, you?ll learn in more detail, all the possible micro and macro results of a person alerting the U.S. Department of Justice to spam abuse.

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