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How to Report Spam Email to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

In this time in which online email communication is becoming paramount to all other kinds, most people spend a good deal of their personal and professional time on the Internet. It naturally follows that where the people are, so must be those companies marketing products and services to them. While marketing is one thing, a new genre has popped up with the advent of the Internet and our growing fascination with it: spam. Spam varies from advertising in that it is unsolicited and usually sent out in a bulk amount-in a harassing, instead of informative, manner.

Where does email spam pop up? When most of think of spam-and for the purposes of this article-we think of spam email, which exists in our inboxes, to sell us a product or service. Since most of us don?t take kindly to unsolicited advertising, anything that looks like spam gets deleted. Unfortunately, when spammers realized this, they started making their emails look less like advertising and more like emails we might want to receive-for example, in connection to a loved one or career opportunity. This caused many of us to enlist the aid of email spam filtering services and programs to discourage spammers, and lighten up our inboxes from junk. This still wasn?t enough.

It wasn?t enough since we were still getting-either very inappropriate junk emails or too many of them; and the whole spam enterprise just got way out of hand. So, in stepped the federal government to offer some law to the situation. One of the best resources to report spam communication is the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Their website, not only offers a list of help options and how to report spam protocol; but they also have launched a comprehensive section on avoiding and preventing excessive or inappropriate emails through a variety of tools and tips on filtering and email address protection. They have a devised a system of learning about spam, how to identify it as legal or not, and offer a step by step process of how to inform them of the spam abuse. The Federal Trade Commission takes the abuse of spam very seriously, and if it finds that a law has been abused, they will penalize as they see fit-by federal law.

In this section on how to report spam emails, we explore the nature, function, and details of the Federal Trade Commission as a resource for learning about spam abuse. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive step by step guide in how to actually go about testifying to suspicious emails that you may think are in direct conflict with federal law.

After you have done your homework on how the Federal Trade Commission works and how it handles spam abuse incidents; you must then start the process of making the FTC aware of any type of unsolicited email that falls within their definition of spam. If you are like many, you not know where to start in taking the steps to report spam emails or a spammer to the FTC; in which case, this section will clarify just how to do that.

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