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How to Stop Spam

The Internet-as we know it-offers a seemingly limitless amount of information, and offers us a global reach in the way of communication, like never introduced or expanded upon before. With all the grand opportunities for communication, technology, and success; the ever-evolving online world continues to bring us as a global community; there is, of course, a downside. Most specifically, this downside is spam.

When anyone of us hears the term "spam?, perhaps, each one of us thinks of something different-a time when we were solicited or a particular entity who solicited us-but in any event; none of us consider it a positive thing, and yet it comes with even the most protective of email addresses. There are millions of companies with an online presence with the sole objective of spamming you and me-that is, finding our private email addresses and sending solicitations to buy their products or services. While some can be fairly soft in their marketing, others can be quite confrontational and-in many cases, inappropriate. In this category, we take a balanced look at what spam is-including the bad and not so bad, what legislative restrictions exist as regards its function, as well as how to report it as illegal.

So many of us may already know the very basics of spam emails and how they relate to our online communications; yet few of us understand two things: first, that we can do something to avoid spam emails in our inboxes; and two, how to report this spam in the most successful of manner to bring about a positive change-whether this be that the spammer gets penalized for his/her actions and/or the spam load is lessened. In this category, we examine the best way to go about reporting spam to specific email providers, the U.S. Department of Justice, and/or the Trade Commission.

If you have been anywhere near a computer in the last two decades, chances are you have a working knowledge of what spam email is. This said, you may not know how it works, what its objective is, how you can avoid it, or how to identify it in order to safeguard your inbox from solicitation and possible computer viruses. This category is a brief introduction to all that is significant and basic to the subject of spam emails, so that you have the right information to know how to deal with and possibly how to deal with spam from plaguing your email account inbox.

With so many solicitation emails trafficking into our personal and professional email accounts, one would think that perhaps, there are no restrictions on what kinds there are, who can do it, and all steps involved in the spamming process. While a lot of solicitation email seems unregulated, there are current laws in place as regards spamming. In this section on email restrictions, we take a closer look at just what restrictions exist on spamming and in this country.

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