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What are Email Searches?

When you are looking to connect, or re-connect, with a friend, family member or colleague the easiest way to do so is through email. Of course, we don?t always have everyone?s email address at hand, but luckily email searches are easily done through the Internet.
How do you do an email address search? There are a few reliable approaches that even an Internet novice can use to scout out a few viable contact details, including a valid email address.
Before heading to the web to begin searching; however, have you first done an email search throughout your own email account? Perhaps you did receive an email from this person in the past, but cannot locate the file in which you placed it? Use the search feature of your email client or web based account, and even if you have only partial names or can remember only a bit of the original email address, the search feature will identify it.
No luck there? Then it is time to use one of the email search services on the Internet.

Online Email Address Searches

There are many ways to conduct online email searches including the use of "white pages? sites, search engines, social networking sites, or by subscribing to a "people finder? website that includes unlimited free email address searches.
Let?s begin with a look at the white pages. These are simply electronic versions of the regular printed phone books that appear all around the world. While a phone book cannot list the current email accounts connected to an individual, the online white pages will provide this information if a person has listed themselves on any of the free online directories. Why would someone list themselves? Well, there are sites such as MyLife that create massive interconnected listings that will automatically structure a profile for those who give their email address and other details. This can make networking with family or colleagues incredibly easy.
Another approach is to simply conduct email address searches by entering the name of the person into one of the primary search engines. Basically, you can simply "google? someone to see what comes up. Often this takes a searcher to a location like MySpace or Facebook from which they can get a valid email address, but usually only after becoming part of the other person?s network.
Of course, you could skip the search engine and just head directly to the various social networking sites to conduct any email lookups, but this is only useful if you are certain that the person will have their own active account.
The thing always to remember, is that an email address search means that the individual is accessing public records; and though, these are usually provided free of charge, it is often a matter of seeking this information in person. Due to the fact that most people will conduct their email search online, there may be times when they do have to subscribe to a service that collects and gives an individual an organized way to access the information.

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