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How to People Search by Email

If you have received an email from an address or source that you do not recognize, you may hesitate to open or read the electronic communication. This is not a paranoid reaction, because there are serious risks involved with emails from strangers. If you want to know exactly who is contacting you, it is relatively easy to do a  people search by email.
This is something similar to a reverse phone lookup that takes the email address, and uses the power of the Internet to determine any names attached to it. Not only that; anyone can also enlist an email tracer to see the IP address, and ownership of the address as well.
Is this the only way to do email searches? Actually, the vast majority of inquiries are done using a person?s name, and then trying to obtain their email address. Often, this is for the purpose of developing or improving a professional contacts list, or by friends seeking to locate someone with whom they have lost touch. The way people email searches are done for this approach is varied; but often includes using regular search engines, online "white pages?, and many social networking sites.

Tactics of an Email Search

What are the basic steps of any sort of email search? The individual performing it must understand the results that they are seeking, before they can make the right choice. As described above, when doing a people search by email, the individual will want to first look through their own contacts list and use the search feature on their email client or web based service, to be absolutely certain that the address is unknown. If their search returns no information, they can then head to the Internet.
One of the first steps, is to simply copy and paste that unrecognized email address into a search engine, to see if it returns any details. If not, the next wisest choice of action in performing a people email search is to use a tracer site. This will take the address and look for its source-including the IP address, and even any WHOIS information. If only vague information comes back-such as a first and last name-the individual can take the email address and contact information, and head to a social networking site.
At places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter; anyone can try to find people via their email address. If the same person happens to come up on one of these sites, most people are able to search that person?s contacts or "friends?. If it does appear that this person has a valid connection to the searcher-such as common friends or colleagues-it is likely that the unexpected email received from the address is safe and secure. Of course, it is best to always use some sort of spam protection and virus program to keep a computer totally safe.
Some tracer and white pages services will come with small fees for the information. If a person finds that they are regularly performing email lookups, it might be a good idea to select a reliable service and purchase a subscription.

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