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People search online for a variety of information-from educating themselves on political issues and global climate to searching for people and contact information. In the past few years-as the industry has been more efficient in its mean of search-the search for people, contact information, and identification of email senders has grown to an overwhelming degree. This is because people need a means of contacting people, finding people they have lost touch with, and striking up new professional and personal relationships. This said, not all who we communicate with online have our best interests in mind.

When we say "who?, of course, we mean spammers.  While we may conduct the simplest of email searches for contact information, there is a service that many of us neglect to deploy: the email trace. This search service has been borne of a need to combat spammers-or those who illegally send us unsolicited advertising email communications. Whereas a simple email search tries to locate a person?s contact information by their name or identity; an email trace conducts a search for identity information through the use of email address information.

With the basic understanding of a tracing in mind; it is necessary to now understand why conducting one is so significant-and necessary. Consider all the spam you may receive in your inbox per day-and each is typically sent from all different entities. Each one of these entities is committing a crime, and can be prosecuted-thereby limiting the future occurrence of spam overall. Moreover, finding out who is spamming you, and reporting them-is not as difficult a process as you may think. It is as simple of conducting an email trace, and reporting it to the correct IP and government authorities. This understood, we take a closer look at two of the most vital topics to understand when learning about the potency of email tracing: what it is in contrast to email tracking as well as what the possible limitations may be.

As is true of any relatively new technology, the search for email information has a range of common terms that people use to denote various aspects of the function of search. The two most commonly used terms are email tracing and email tracking. While one works to locate where and from whom a message has been sent; the other literally tracks the message from the outbox of the sender to the inbox of the recipient-also offering pertinent details, such as: when the message was received or sent, and when it was opened. In this section, we examine tracing vs. tracking closer to clear up any confusion that is common to someone just learning info on the topic of tracing search.

While a tracing of a particular message sent, may well offer you accurate and comprehensive details on who sent the message; not all services are equipped to offer the most up to date information and if they do-it comes with a cost. As is true of any industry, if you are seeking a particular search service-you need to ensure you do the right amount of research on what is out there. This way you can compare what is typically offered, differentiate between scam and quality services, and gauge the possible outcome of the search process. Depending upon the service chosen and the search conducted; there are a number of limitations that can ensue as a part of using the wrong locator service for a tracing search. In this section, we examine these possible limitations more closely.

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