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People need contact information frequently, and one of the most frequently sought after details for personal and professional communications, is the email address. Usually, if someone is not within reach by telephone; it requires a formal email address search to get in touch with them electronically. Many people don?t know exactly how to  search for email address information, but it is really a very simple process.
Almost all email address searches begin with a simple search engine effort. The individual should simply type the full name of the person (for best bets, it should be in quotations) in the entry box of the search engine?s home page. The results will often include any "white pages? links, social networking sites, newsletter or newspaper mentions of the name, and even a listing on an alumni or company directory.
Which is the most effective choice in a search for email address information? Choosing the white pages listing can often require that the person doing the searching, knows the general geographic location and age of the individual in question. It can also come with a small fee, but is usually a very direct route to accurate information.
If the individual is willing to spend a little time and use a little patience; they can also peruse the social networking links to see if any have profiles on the people in question. If so, they might be able to find a professional email address-or they can ask to be given access to a site such as MySpace or Facebook, where email contacts are usually listed.
What if you have an email address, but you need to know the identity of the person behind it? Is that still considered an email search?

Reverse Email Searches

When a person needs to search for email address details in a reverse direction, this often requires an email tracer. These are email searches done exactly in the same fashion as the reverse phone directory. The email address-or source header data from a questionable email-is entered into the email address owner?s search engine, and is traced back to its source. This usually identifies the name of the account holder and their geographic location.
Why would people need to search for email address details like that? Many email address owner searches are performed, to combat spam and ensure online security. For instance, a parent who takes a look through their children?s email history, may feel the need to do an email people search on an address that they do not recognize-and for which there are no remaining emails in the folders. Such email people searches will validate whether the contact is safe, or whether it is someone who is potentially dangerous to a child.
Many people also use a search, such as an email trace to detect if the sender is being honest about their identity. For instance, if someone in the market for a mortgage should get a communication from a lender with which they have yet to correspond; they may want to trace the email, to see if it does indeed belong to that financial institution.

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