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Search E-Mail for Children's Protection

There are all kinds of debates about children?s privacy, where Internet usage is concerned. For example, should parents do such things, as review their children?s browsing history or search e-mail contacts and communications? While this will probably remain a somewhat heated topic; the fact of the matter is that statistics indicate a need for more serious monitoring and protection.
The Crimes Against Children Research Center points out that a majority of kids are willing to provide private and personal information online, if they are promised some sort of reward or prize; and that one-fifth of teenage Internet users receive unwanted solicitations of a sexual nature. Clearly, a parent or guardian can feel a bit justified in doing an email search on a regular basis!
What exactly are email searches? The most basic look would include the various folders created by a child to hold emails they intend to keep; but the "trash? and "sent? folders are a good place to look, as well. Even a peek at the "junk? folder might indicate a troublesome browsing pattern.
The other part of an email search involves the child?s contacts list, and this is where some skills are going to be required. For instance, a parent may need to do a search for email address details, through the use of what is known as an email tracer.

Working in Reverse

Let?s say, you are a parent who allows their children one hour of Internet activity per day. The computer is kept in a central location such as the corner of the living room or even a kitchen workspace; but you still take a look at your kids? browsing and email histories at the end of the evening. You might find some contacts that are not easily recognized, but you don?t want to let your child know that they are monitored. What do you do? You can simply go online and perform an email address owner search. This is a relatively simple process, that just traces the email (or source header data taken from an email) back to the sender or source.
Most email address owner searches can reveal the full name of the account holder, as well as their geographic location and IP address. Usually, they can also connect the person looking for information with a vast array of public records too. Typically, this means that email people searches can tell the sender?s age, occupation, and even provide facts on criminal histories too.
Even if a child has not responded to an email and just thrown it into their trash; a parent should feel obligated to run an email people search on any correspondence that seems inappropriate and questionable.
An email address search can often be done through a tracer website or through an online white pages location. While some email address searches will require the payment of a small fee for the complete reports; others can actually be done free of charge, and a parent might want to develop resources for regular use.

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