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Identify an Email Sender Through Emailsearch

Due to the fact that there are many types of spam, junk mail, and even computer viruses; it is likely that most people don?t even open emails from unknown senders. There are all kinds of spam filters for most email clients and web based services, but none of them can protect someone from all problems. This is the very reason that people will often perform an emails earch. This is a process through which the individual will conduct an email address owner search using a website or search engine that follows the email back to its source.
What can email address owner searches tell someone? When a questionable email is received the recipient can simply head to the tracing site, enter the address in question, and then get details about the account holder and geographic location.
Let?s say that someone gets an email from an unfamiliar sender and with a subject line that says "American Made Beauty Products at Great Prices?. They could do an email search on the address, to see if it is connected in any way to a beauty supplies company in the United States. For this example, the email address search might indicate that the source of the message is in Europe and not associated with any sort of beauty or pharmacy supplies. The recipient can then just delete it or report it as spam.

Other Uses of Email Address Searches

While many people will use email address searches as anti-spam measures, others will quickly identify fraud, potential identity theft, breaches in privacy policies, or even harassment through them.
For instance, a consumer who has carefully guarded their email address is not likely to get many unrecognized senders in their inbox, and when they do they may want to trace them through email searches in order to understand exactly how their address has gotten into someone?s hands.
Whether the communication is professional or private, the email search will identify the account holder?s name, location, and IP address. There are many comprehensive services on the Internet that also extend additional information obtained through a public records search. Remember that many local, state, and federal records have been put online and when someone?s full name and geographic location appear; there are usually also some further details available.
Why would such details matter where email searches are concerned? Well, as mentioned above, there are times when people are harassed through email, and it is relatively easy for almost anyone to create a false identity through social networking sites and free email accounts; but they cannot fake the location or source of these accounts.
When someone does a thorough email people search, they will be able to get the true name of the account holder or at least the geographic location to which the IP address is attached. This means that email people searches can provide validation for both private and professional communications. It is a good way to create a sort of security net in any business environment, and to also ensure that anyone communicating with you is actually who they claim to be.

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