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How many times has this happened to you ? you open your email client or web based service, and see that you have a dozen new messages. Happily, you click on the box and see that more than half are the proverbial junk mail! If you have a built-in "spam? filter, you probably avoid a vast majority of this stuff; but not all filters can be aware of truly serious fraudsters. Many dishonest people will create all kinds of convincing information and only through the use of an e mail search can they usually be detected.
What are e-mail searches? Some people believe that these are a way of finding the contact details and email addresses of others. While this is accurate; it isn?t the whole story. There are also many ways to conduct an e-mail search that can trace any communication back to its source or sender. What would be the point of doing an email search of this kind? It can indicate if someone is passing along fraudulent information, sending out spam, or violating privacy policies.

The Basics on Email Searches

Email searches that are performed to find out who is trying to communicate with the recipient are, usually, referred to as traces. Just like a reverse phone directory can allow the individual to attach a name to the number that has called them; the email people searches identify the sender of a message. It can also indicate their geographic location and provide the kind of information that allows for a much more in-depth investigation.
For instance, an email people search could provide details about the sender?s profession, give links to their existing social networking pages and contacts, and generally validate whether they are being forthright and honest-or just deceptive.
Let?s just look at a single example of a somewhat basic e mail search. A single woman decides that she would like to find a few international "pen pals?, in addition to her friends and family, on several different social networking sites. When she joins a few groups, she begins to receive emails from many different people. Among the emails received is from someone indicating that they are from a neighboring state, and that they would like to begin chatting with the woman. Due to the fact that their grammar seems a little odd and also, because this person doesn?t seem to have much knowledge about their supposed "hometown? area; the woman runs an email search or tracer on their address. The results are that the IP address for the email is in Northern Africa ? far outside her "local? area ? and that the name attached to the account, is not the one given by the person writing to the woman.
While this is a somewhat extreme case, it does give a good indication of what the different types of email searches are capable of accomplishing. In addition to keeping individuals safe from shady characters; they can also prevent industrial espionage, financial fraud, and identity theft as well-simply by identifying the actual name or location of the sender.

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