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When it comes to searching for email information, there are a number of ways this type of email investigation can be characterized. It can be for email addresses or for identities, for personal or professional contacts, and also paid or free email investigations. In this category of email search information, we examine the free email searches of the people search industry: how no cost email lookups work, why they exist, different types of email lookups, as well as how no cost email lookups differ from paid email investigations.

The online search industry offers a wealth of information on people, if you know how to approach such a search. There are scores of directories and services that will offer lookups for criminal backgrounds, contact information (to include email), and credit history with a touch of a button and free. While this is ideal for anyone seeking this significant information, it must be scrutinized as not all of these services offer complete and up to date information as they may promise. Moreover, there could be hidden costs. Understanding this basic principle of all online free search services should be first in beginning any sort of investigation for personal or professional information-which leads us back to our main topic: that of email investigations.

Reverse Free Email Searches vs. Paid Versions

If you are looking to locate any kind of email information on a person or email address, there is a lot of industry information that should be attended to prior to beginning such a search. This is because not all lookups are the same. There are both standard and reverse email lookups as well as paid and no cost email lookups. In this category, we examine the nature of reverse email investigations-that is the search for an identity with the knowledge of an email address, and how paid and no cost versions of this type of online email search service may differ.

As the last category referenced the first of two types of email search, this section will deal with the second: that of the search for email address information with the knowledge of a person?s identity. So, whereas a search for people through email uses email addresses to search for an identity, this type of email investigation uses an identity to find an email address. In this section we deal with just this subject: what a free email address search is, as well as how to best conduct an email address lookup to find successful results.

Deciding to undertake a search for email information can be for a variety of reasons. It could be that you want to identify who?s emailing you, who you want to email, or to put an end to spam emails in your email inbox. For the purposes of this category, we examine the first of two kinds of email investigations that people employ in order to find related email information: that of the email lookup that seeks out identity information with knowledge of the email. In this category, we explain the main reasons that people use this means of email people search, as well as how to best address an email search for identity information for free.

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