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Most Popular Free Email Providers

Though many may not remember-or perhaps were not old enough to know-internet email accounts were not always free. Each different provider had their own monthly rate, and everyone was gladly willing to fork over whatever that was, to be instantly connected to the worldwide web. Today, many of the most popular of free email providers-such as Yahoo, Windows Live, and Gmail-that people choose for their business and personal email accounts, no longer charge anything for the same email services. While some paid email accounts do still exist, and provide their own purpose for more specialized email needs; most people who are involved in email communications use one of the free email providers to send and receive emails. In the following category, we introduce you to the most popular of free email providers that are used every day for business and personal communications.

One of the most common types of email accounts that people choose for their personal and business communications is the free AIM account. AIM is known predominantly as an instant messaging service, but can also be used for a primary or secondary email account-to send and receive messages. In this section, we take a look at what exactly an AIM account is and what it entitles you to-as one of the most common free email providers.

Gmail is a household name-right up there with Google-which should come as no surprise, since Google runs Gmail. This said, you will probably notice that almost everyone you know has a primary or secondary Gmail email account; which is for a number of reasons, to include the Google reputation and the fact that it?s free. In this category, we examine what makes this option so popular, and what features come with a common Gmail account.

Another main provider of free email accounts is GMX. Though not as well-known as Gmail; it is another viable option for a free email account service. Gaining popularity as a trusted email provider, GMX offers many of the same standard features as any one of the bigger names-and with the same price: free. In this section, we dig a little deeper into what a GMX email account will give you with their free webmail service.

Windows Live is an email service run through Msn-another highly popular email network-which has integrated what was once primarily termed ?hotmail?. While hotmail still exists as a free email account service, it has been enhanced with the new features that Windows Live has brought it. This section explains the features and applications of the free Windows Live email account.

Now, if you thought everyone had a Gmail free email providers account, everyone really has a yahoo account-or used to. Since Yahoo was one of the first email providers out there, it is only natural that they have retained a number of free email customers over the years. While Yahoo has been-in many ways-overshadowed by the internet giant, Google, in every way; they still offer a very solid presence, and a very invaluable email service-built with most of the same features and applications as free Gmail accounts. In this category, we explore just why people choose Yahoo as one of the most common free email providers for their personal and/or business communications.

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