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Why Consult an Emails Directory

While email address directories are popular, not all users are reliable as far as updating their information when needed. The information found in these directories can sometimes be incomplete or outdated. Users of these services need to understand that the best way to avoid being stuck trying to find a particular user?s address if what?s provided happens to be out of date may be by using the various email tracer and lookup features included on these sites. A bit of creativity can make email address directories very useful, even when some users haven?t kept up with their information.

Email tracers are an interface built into these sites that allow users to determine the server from which an email originated. This type of search is particularly useful when an individual changes email addresses and sends an email but the domain is obscured or unknown. The email tracer interface will ask for the headers off of the message. These are like postmarks in that they show the origin of the email. Email tracers take this information and parse it, finding the information regarding the originating server which can allow the recipient of the email to search the email address directory for more information.

Email address directory results also depend a great deal upon the user?s starting information. For instance, if one only knows that they need to search the email directory for a "John Smith?, they may well find themselves searching through more listings than they would prefer. Fortunately, email directories have features included which make it fairly easy for an individual to refine a search in a way that ensures that the results obtained represent the relevant information contained within the email address directory and nothing more.

What Email Address Directory Results Include

Email address directories allow users to engage in very sophisticated searches but there are some limitations. Users, for instance, may have opted to keep their information private and individuals may find themselves having to register with the email directory in order to obtain access. Because the email directory contains as much information as users wish to share and no more, users may simply create a record with little information if they?re not quite ready to make the jump into this sort of social networking. Other email addresses directories may have different criteria and some email directories are pay services which may require a subscription should one desire to retrieve a complete record.

Email directory results can generally be sorted to make finding the desired address a much easier affair. If the email address in the record is augmented with additional contact information, finding out the present contact information for the person in question is a much easier affair. Most users will have such information provided as making one?s information difficult to find rather defeats the purpose of being on the directory?s rolls altogether. The email directories available online range from free-flowing, generally-available types to very specific and exclusive lists that are designed for people in a common trade or industry.

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