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The Purpose of Email Address Directories

Email address directories provide a service something akin to that provided by telephone books. They serve as a collection of contact data-as did a telephone book-but email directories have a significant difference with telephone books, in that those information directories only contained information, relevant to the telephone. An electronic mail directory catalogs much more than email addresses. There are numerous ways in which users stay connected with one another over the Internet; and-despite their name-these directories include contact infomation, which can be browsed in more ways than by name or address. These directories also include information about the service providers, and the different types of technology used to communicate.

Email searches performed on these directories will sometimes include other forms of communication than email. There are myriad technologies used on the Internet by people who need to keep in touch; these directories are very popular. Directories can catalog this information, as well; meaning that users can search for multiple ways to contact an individual. Much as was the case with paper directories, email directories can be used to trace an email, just as one would reverse lookup a phone number.

How Email Directories Work

Email addresses correspond to the numerical address of the server at which the email service is located. Each message that is sent via email contains electronic information that describes its origins, its routing and its sender. Email tracer technology allows users who have an email address-but no way to figure out to whom it belongs-to backtrack the message and find out where it originated. Email tracers take the section of the email known as the header, and scour it for this information; giving it back to the individual performing the search, and allowing the originating server to be determined.

Emails from one individual are often sent from multiple addresses. One of the advantages of mail directories is that individuals can have all of their addresses listed under their name, so that the sender is always known. This is a particularly valuable feature for business contacts who may have separate email addresses associated with their personal, departmental, and other needs. These services can erase a great deal of confusion and allow individuals to make certain, that anyone whom they email has a way to make the connection between different addresses, if there is a problem.

Performing tracers, searches, and other functions from a directory is generally a very easy task. Most aspects of the email are searchable so, no matter what information one has on hand; it is generally very easy to determine the sender of an unknown email, provided that their email address is held in the directory, which is being searched. The flexibility and capability to provide a great deal of networking power have made these directory sites, increasingly popular with businesses and contractors; who need a means of being available to new clientele without compromising their privacy unnecessarily.

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