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Types of Email Directory List Sites

Email directories come in a variety of different types. Some of these types can be differentiated by the nature of the services they provide. Some email directories, for instance, are very search-oriented affairs with a great many tools that allow users to take even an email from an unknown sender and match it up with a known address. Other sites are more oriented toward providing a means of networking with comprehensive categories and sorting options including sorting by server and other functionalities. Choosing one that suits one?s needs sometimes doesn?t even require two different servers where two very different users are concerned, as many of these directories are powerful in multiple ways.

There are also significant differences between the ways in which users are allowed to search email addresses on each of these sites. Some of these directories have built-in spam protection devices, which prevent users who might abuse addresses from harvesting them for marketing purposes. Oftentimes, these directories offer many more services and some of them come in flavor, which requires a subscription. For those who are particularly concerned about preserving their privacy, but who wish to remain available to those who have a legitimate need for contact information, these can be a good option.

Email directory list sites-which are designed around offering their clients an intelligent and intuitive way to search the database-oftentimes, advertise this fact and promoted as one of the principal reasons to choose their service. Email search services can be quite powerful today and, because all of the information regarding one's server is public and obtainable through the email headers, tracking down the users of email lists if an address has been lost is generally quite an easy affair. These lookup features are one of the primary selling points of the more popular lists.

What Email Directory Lists Can Be Used For

Using directory lists can enable subscribers to keep in touch with clients, family and friends no matter what might happen with your email address. There are plenty of email providers in the world who have gone under in recent years and there are always those that pop up quickly and disappear with the same haste. These situations can make it enormously hard for users who are stuck trying to find a way to inform each and every person on their email list that their address has changed. For those who use their email for business purposes, this can be a particularly negative situation.

An email directories list can be an excellent resource for companies. When employees are encouraged to place their work emails in these directories, clients can simply be informed that the entire list of employees is available on whatever site has been chosen. Of course, one must take measures to make certain that such a wealth of information is not offer to a site which does allow addresses to be harvested at random and by advertisers who may practice unscrupulous business techniques including spamming, phishing and other Internet activities which can be a threat to both privacy and personal security.

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