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Less Effective Email Address Lookup Sites

Anyone with an email address faces a rather difficult conundrum. While this method of communication is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep in contact with those who are important to one?s personal or business life, they can also be abused by various individuals, mostly advertisers. Email address lookup sites can be very effective or very ineffective at encouraging continued contact and at deterring spammers depending upon their design. The ability to look up addresses has made email address directories popular while, at the same time, causing email users to have some legitimate concerns about their privacy.

Email address directory sites come in many different types. The effectiveness of the sites depends principally on user participation. Of course, if no one joins the site or indexes their contact information that site will not have a cheery future in store. If the site is ineffective at deterring the abuse of the addresses, it is likely that any users that do sign up will quickly drift away as they find themselves the recipients of more and more spam. The ways in which users are enabled to perform an email address lookup is an important part of how a site fares.

Information Provided by Email Address Lookups

Email address lookups are a very popular reason that people choose these sites. The sites function in a somewhat similar fashion to a contact manager. Users of the e mail directory may search on several criteria and, as they get closer to the address they?re actually seeking, they may "drill down? on their searches to make them more specific and accurate. Not all email address directories offer this service and, among those that do, the most popular ones tend to be those with the most powerful search features.

Some email address lookup services restrict the amount of information an unregistered user is able to obtain. For example, an unknown user may be able to ascertain from the search results that a specific individual does have their address listed in that particular e mail directory but they will not, in all likelihood, be able to actually see the address unless they register themselves. This ensures that the email address directory is safe from abuse by those would look upon such a service as one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase their commercial email list. It also enables users to choose a specific service and to use it to communicate.

If one knows of a site that allows email address lookups, it?s oftentimes very convenient to share that information with close friends and to keep one?s contact information updated on that site. If a contact should somehow lose the information required to keep in touch, they can simply search the email address directory for any information related to their contact. If there has been a changed email address or instant messaging service address, users can simply add this to their contact information so that, when an email address lookup is performed on them, the most current information appears.

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