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Good Sources to Lookup Email

For those who've lost the address of a friend, a business associate, or another person with whom they wish to remain in contact with; an e-mail directory can be an excellent resource, and can offer a solution to what seems to be-to some-an almost insurmountable problem. While just about everyone uses the Internet these days, and- most certainly, the vast majority of people do use e-mail for business and personal matters-it can sometimes be very difficult to find a specific e-mail address for an individual if there is no other way to contact them. This is not too surprising considering that most people guard their privacy very closely online.

Using an E-Mail Directory to Lookup Email

An e-mail address directory is generally a voluntary affair in which users enter their e-mail address-and any other contact information they wish to include-so that other users of the service may easily find them. Quite often, these lookup email sites contain information including messaging contact addresses; and sometimes they contain information about how to contact an individual by other Internet communications protocols. What's contained in the directory is essentially up to the user and-depending on the needs of the user-it may include as much or as little information as they desire.

One of the most important services provided by an e-mail directory is the ability to perform email lookups. An email search can be done in many different ways. Some directories index the users by first and last names-which generally provides the easiest way to find someone's e-mail. If one happens to know the server from which the e-mail was sent, it's also possible on these sites to search for that domain specifically. If the e-mail directory contains additional search services, many of them will have to do with finding out who sent an e-mail even when there is no way to tell from the actual document received.

On the more advanced sites, one can perform an email search by entering the headers from the e-mail into a special search device. This device basically parses the header to determine from what server the e-mail originally came. This powerful feature allows users to cross-reference the e-mail address directory with the information gleaned from the e-mail, to determine who actually sent it in; to make certain that an e-mail is not only acknowledged, but that the correct person receives the reply. This sort of service is generally one of the major selling points of an e-mail directory.

Email lookups-and the many other powerful features offered by these services-have made e-mail address directory sites more popular than they have been in the past. This, combined with improving control over spam and unauthorized uses of the addresses, has made it easier for users of the site to ensure that their information is readily available to those who actually have a legitimate need for it-and not at all available to those who would abuse it in one regard or another. Constantly expanding services make these sites ever more popular.

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