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Paid Email Addresses Directory Services

Email addresses directory services sometimes come in paid varieties. There are several advantages to this model, particularly for those who wish their email address and other contact information to be kept secret from the public at large. While free email address directories oftentimes require only that one register to receive access to member information, the paid services oftentimes require that the searcher actually purchase a subscription, which adds another layer of security to the service. Searching these email directories is oftentimes a bit easier than searching the free versions, as well, as there are more features generally offered.

Information Contained in Paid Email Addresses Directories

Email addresses contained in paid directories will almost always be very restricted in availability and this is one of the primary selling points of these services. These email directories allow users to post their information online with the assurance that it is not widely-available to those who would abuse the email address for marketing purposes or to other ends. This allows users of these email addresses directories to be more liberal with other information including instant messenger contact information and other sensitive personal contact info. These sites generally have better security all around in such regards and that security translates to some better features.

Email tracer services are often available at these sites. There are different procedures to which this term is applied. Some tracers track the email back through its various servers to the originating server and can provide information about the location from which the email was sent. Other tracers are done to show where the email "bounced? on its way. This also provides a security service and the email directories that offer tracers can help users to avoid becoming the victims of "spoofing? where an email arrives with a different return address than the server from which it was actually sent.

An Email addresses directory also allows users to engage in very broad searches such as by domain. This service can be very useful on the paid servers. While a free server may literally return tens of thousands of results from one domain, paid servers will generally return addresses, which are much easier to sort through. There will generally be fewer, to start, and the searching features on the paid email addresses directory model will generally offer a bit more flexibility which translates to more intelligent searches for the user.

An email directory can be a huge asset for users who have constantly-changing addresses and contacts with whom they need to remain in touch but who are not contacted on a regular basis. Subscribing to a paid email directory allows such users to share their information openly but with the restriction that those who are able to retrieve this information must, themselves, be subscribers and not just someone looking for addresses to harvest. When one needs to keep their email address available but wishes for an exclusive venue in which to do so, the paid services often provide just that capability and the rates are generally very affordable.

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