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Free Email Directory Services

While paid services do have their own distinct advantages, a free email address directory can oftentimes serve as an excellent way to remain available to people with whom one wants to keep in touch but who tend to drift away from time to time. Free email directories are numerous and many of them, because of the advances of technology, contain search features, which were once only available in the most advanced paid directories. When one chooses to add an email address to these directories, one should exercise a bit of caution as many of these free directories make the information publicly available.

Free email directory services, which requires no paid registration as a combination of benefits and disadvantages, compared to the paid versions. In most paid email address directories, users are required to purchase a subscription before they can harvest any addresses out of the database. While this feature is excellent for those who wish to insulate their privacy a bit, they can be rather inconvenient for those who are using the directory as a means to make their addresses as available as possible. Often times, email address directories that charge no fee are provided with email addresses, which are less sensitive than one's main address.

An email directory, which is openly available to the public, should not be provided with one's principal email address. However, there are many free email directories available, which offer users the opportunity to get an email address at no charge-which may be used as a sort of filter box. This allows those users who may attempt to use email directories to track down old friends and acquaintances, to find a valid address, but not an address which serves as the principal means for contacting that individual. This means more privacy while still having the convenience of being available to those who may want to get in touch.

How Free Email Directory Services Work

Many of these directories allow users to perform an email tracer. Email tracers are software applications, which allow users to harvest information from an email, even if the return address is bogus, which will reveal where it originated; and, in some cases, who actually sent the email. Every email sent over the Internet is stamped with information that identifies it as being from one server, and being addressed to another server. Think of it as a digital postmark. The applications that allow users to search out such information are generally very simple to use and available on most directories.

Email addresses are, often times, such closely-guarded secrets that there is understandable trepidation on the part of many individuals, regarding placing them within a directory. However, there is the trade-off that without such means of sharing information one would have a very difficult time making the most use of what knowledge technology makes available. Subscribing to a paid service may be preferable to those who wish privacy; but for those who wish to avail themselves of the maximum amount of database information, the free services often prove a better choice.

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