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Basic Information on Email Account Providers

The world of Internet communications has given us all a lot of opportunities that we once lived without. It?s amazing to think that only a couple decades ago, we subsisted without the convenience and accessibility of global communications and limitless online learning and research. In that time since, the Internet has evolved into a mecca of sophisticated means of search and online communication to benefit both personal and professional relationships. This said, there are a couple of basic types of services that we have to thank for this: that of email account providers and that of the information industry.

To begin, at the onset of the Internet revolution, we were given access to searching billions of Internet sites for the information we were seeking on virtually any topic of our interests. In conjunction with this feat, came the birth of email providers. These service providers offered an organized means of hosting our incoming and outgoing online communications through various kinds of hosting accounts-otherwise known as email providers. All of a sudden, anyone with an Internet connection, could send and receive online messages almost instantaneously-around the globe.

The other service provider mentioned previously, was the search service industry-borne quite a few years later-when people realized that though the Internet held endless scores of information-they couldn?t necessarily have access to it-since they weren?t sure of the most efficient means to search for it in the search engines. So, all sorts of search service industries were created: to locate people, places, identities, email contacts, and background histories-to name a few. The world was forever changed. For the first time, we could locate the information we wanted-quickly, efficiently, and conveniently-almost as resolutely as our online email communications.

In this section, we offer a primer on the first of the two types of Internet service providers mentioned above: the email account service provider; in order to best prepare anyone seeking online information-especially for specialized search, such as email lookups.

Once an understanding of the role and definition of an email service provider is thoroughly understood, it is vital that a person can relate this to a search for email information. By understanding how email providers offer email addresses that can be located through provider specific directories-a person can more easily locate the email address or identity information that they are seeking. In this category, we examine how the connection between provider and search is made, in order to efficiently find both email address and identity information.

To understand the very basics of the Internet and how online communications works and is facilitated, it is integral to define what is an email service provider. These entities are the very reason we are able to keep in touch with family members, friends, and business associates around the globe. Their role in our online communications and search modules are the basis for most function online. This is why we have offered this basic discussion on the definition and function of the email service provider.

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