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Finding Email Addresses of Navy Personnel

There are many approaches to finding email addresses of people enlisted in the Navy, or even those no longer on active duty. The key to a successful search for an email address is to have as many details as possible before beginning to look.
For example, if the person whose address you want to find has a very common surname such as Johnson, Smith, or Jones; you must be absolutely certain that you know the exact spelling that they used for their first name. If they were Robert Johnson, don?t search any directories or search engines with "Bob Johnson? as your criteria.It really helps to also know if they are currently still serving, in the reserves, or officially retired from duty as well.
One of the most streamlined approaches to finding email address information for anyone in the Navy-or any other armed service-is through the site hosted by the military itself. At, you can use the e mail finder, or "Buddy Finder?, to try to find an active email contact for a friend or family member.
Remember, that such information as current living address and other details cannot be provided over the Internet. There are various channels through which written requests for military records can be obtained; but these do not limit the possibility for finding an email address online.
What if you get a lot of results through a military site search? Does this mean you have to go through each record to see if it is the right person? Unfortunately, this is probably the only way to get the information in this manner. If; however, you know a bit more about the person, you can create various filters that will really help to narrow the possibilities.
These "filters? can be input into a regular search engine and used to create a more wide-ranging set of results. These results will not include just military records, but will also allow such things as alumni lists, social networking pages, and any "white page? directory listings available. These will also require the person seeking the email address to poke around and determine if any are indeed their friend; but it is a truly accurate way to get the most up to date contact information available.

Beyond the Search

Even if someone follows all of the suggested approaches, including looking through the various "friends? and network lists at different social networking sites; they may not be one hundred percent certain that the email addresses they have found, do indeed belong to their friend. Before firing off that friendly email, you may want to validate any addresses to make sure they are the person you want to contact.
How is this done? By entering the address into an email tracer, you can run a reverse search on the address. This will reveal such details as the geographic location of the account, the full name of the person who owns the account, the IP address, and even options to get further details. Often, this means a public records report, and if you take a look at the information this contains; it will frequently show possible family members. This is the kind of data that can make it absolutely certain that you have found your friend or if you must keep looking.

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